Mechanisms for implementing attacks on computer networks

The following information can serve as objects of protection in the framework of computer networks: in the elements of the aircraft and communication channels.

From this point of view, the following groups of operations on protected objects can be distinguished.

Groups of operations

The first group of operations is the operations of initializing objects when entering the aircraft. These include identification, authentication and scoping of an object. After this, the object is allowed to perform other operations with the inclusion of other objects: messaging, using e-mail services, holding a teleconference, etc. When implementing these operations and functions, various aspects of the problem of protecting and ensuring data integrity are identified.

The second group of operations is the operation of transferring data and control messages over communication lines. They also require protection since communication lines are a vulnerable component of the aircraft.

The third group of operations is data operations. They relate to the use of data, its content, the way it is organized, access to it and its use. When analyzing, this group of operations reveals the vulnerability of information generated by aircraft objects using data from various network databases, access to which is limited. Appropriate means of protection ensure data control and protection, organization of storage and use of information.

The fourth group of operations is operations for managing the processes carried out in the aircraft. Appropriate means of protection carry out coordination, synchronization, ensure the integrity and protection of processes in the aircraft.